Orchestra conducting: begins a passion


When I was about ten years old, I began to feel wonderful sensations in conducting; I wasn’t in front of an orchestra but in the dark of my room.

I closed the windows, I turned off the light and listening to classical music, I conducted a virtual orchestra: my senses were completely enraptured! It was as if I was conducting a real orchestra!

I wanted to modify the music, get inside the expressiveness and phrasing; and change as an activist enters into action and strives to assert. On the other hands iven great music contains moral and ethical principles, and brotherhood among people?

That energy procured to my senses a huge emotion. I probably was too young to begin to study conducting, so, I joined the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro in the piano class with an excellent musician and teacher, Giovanni Valentini, from whom I learned a lot.

When years later I conducted a real orchestra for the first time, I found the same emotions I felt when I conducted virtual orchestras, as a child, in the dark of my room!